The idea of Venetian blinds is when you want full control over light filtration and privacy, also, it has extremely high durability and easy to clean, perfectly fit for your bathrooms, bedrooms, living and lounge rooms.



  • Won’t Warp or Rust

  • Perfect For a Busy Modern Lifestyle

  • Control Over the Amount of Light You Let Into Your Home

  • Colour Matched Top and Bottom Rails

  • Elegant Aluminium Slats

  • Clean Venetians is to Don an Old (Clean) Sock on Each Hand and Give Individual Slats a Wipe Over

  • Use Dusting Tools or Vacuum to Get as Much Dust Off the Blind as Possible

  • Pinch the Cloth Around Each Blind Slat and Wope Away Dirt and Dust by Pulling the Cloth to the Other End of the Slat

  • 3 Years Warranty 

  • Free Delivery

  • Safety device for small children